Facial Lifting in Boston MA

Facial Lifting in Boston MA

As we age, the facial skin begins to sag. This natural process can worsen as the muscles of the face weaken, and fat deposits accumulate beneath the skin. Facial lifting in Boston MA can restore a youthful, refreshed appearance to the face. 

A minimally invasive procedure, facial lifting in Boston MA uses tiny incisions to reposition loose skin on the face and jaw. This leaves the face looking tighter and younger. The surgery is often performed alongside another cosmetic treatment, such as a facelift or neck lift, to provide comprehensive results.

Why Do People Choose Facial Lifting in Boston MA?

This is a big decision, so patients should make sure they understand every step of the procedure. For an instant fix with no incisions or stitches required, many patients turn to cosmetic injectables. These treatments can produce great results - without the need for surgery.

Patients can also combine treatments by treating their smile with dermal fillers first and then following up with a facial lifting in Boston MA to fine-tune the results. The filler can help soften hard tissue and give the gums more definition and shape before undergoing a facial lift, which can remove excess skin and allow patients to achieve the full results they’re looking for.

What Results Can Be Expected From Facial Lifting in Boston MA?

Patients typically notice an improvement in the skin around their eyes and mouth, including smoother skin and a tighter jawline. The appearance of wrinkles around the patient’s eyes may be completely eliminated or significantly improved depending on the patient’s individual case. Some patients also benefit from seeing a repositioning of the cheekbones and a reduction in the overall amount of sagging in the neck region. These benefits can be seen immediately after facial lifting in Boston MA, but final results are achieved over the course of several months as the body heals and refines the appearance of the skin. 

If you have questions about Facial Lifting in Boston MA, call Dr. Bruno Gutierres now! We look forward to helping you achieve your cosmetic goals with our range of advanced aesthetic services.


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